Alphabet, 400 g

Product feature:
  • Made of the high-grade flour, group A and purest water;
  • Without additives, without GMO, without colorants –absolutely safe and ecologically sound product;
  • Natural amber transparent color of alimentary products;
  • Pre-packing: 400 g, 900 g and 1 kg;
  • Cooking time is 7 minutes (al dente) – 9 minutes;
  • Perfect shape holding after cooking;
  • DOBRODEYA alimentary products are made according to GOST 31743;
  • Following the classic Italian recipes;
  • Advanced packaging: convenient brick with a sticker «Open here»;
  • International quality system HACCP;
  • Alimentary food production experience since 1970.
About the product

Amusive food? How to feed and entertain the child? It is very simple with the Dobrodeya’s Alphabet. Alphabet is the type of alimentary product loved by all children. Funny figures, letters of the Russian and English alphabet will make your child happy. Alphabet is perfect for the children's soups;it is tested by the self-willed children! Besides the soups, it is often used for casseroles and desserts. While the kid is looking at the bright pictures on the package, his mom has time to cook the dinner.

100 g of the finished cooked product (without filling) has – only 128 kcal!

Nutrition value and calories of the product:

  • Calories in 100 g of the product – 344 kcal/1440 kJ
  • Protein – 12.5 g
  • Fats – 1.3 g
  • Carbons – 70.5 g


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