Product feature:
  • Flour manufacturing product that is the abradedgrain hulls, unsorted remains of floury substances and kernels;
  • High fiber, fat, protein content;
  • Nitrogen-free extractive substances, ash, phosphorus, calcium, amino acids, vitamins of B, A, E group;
  • Nutritional value of bran varies from 0.7 to 0.8 feed units;
  • The water content in the bran does not exceed 15%;
  • Valuable feed for all types of farm animals;
  • Produced in accordance with GOST 7169-66;
  • Packaging: unpacked, tare bags with the weight of 25 kg.
About the product

Wheat bulky brans are widely used, primarily as a feed additive for the farm animals and poultry. Protein that is part of their composition, is almost completely digested by the animal body.

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