Brans pellets

Product feature:
  • Flour manufacturing product that is the abradedgrain hulls, unsorted remains of floury substances and kernels;
  • High fiber, fat, protein content;
  • Nitrogen-free extractive substances, ash, phosphorus, calcium, amino acids, vitamins of B, A, E group;
  • Nutritional value of bran varies from 0.7 to 0.8 feed units;
  • The water content in the bran does not exceed 15%;
  • Valuable feed for all types of farm animals;
  • Produced in accordance with GOST 7169-66;
  • Packaging: unpacked, tare bags with the weight of 45 kg.
About the product

The brans represent a product demanded by the modern market that is used directly as the feed forfarm animals and poultry, as well as the raw materials for the compound feed production. When granulating, the brans are compacted up to 10 times. Practical data of the livestock enterprises prove the high efficiency of these feeds. An additional advantage of the granulated brans is their better preservation.

Quality indicators:

  • Humidity 15,1%
  • Protein - 16.78%
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