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Pasta "Dobrodey" - a natural product, prepared according to the classic recipe: macaroni grind group A of high quality and pure water.

Variety of types and forms of pasta "Dobrodeya" will help housewives delight the family with delicious, original and healthy dishes every day.

Types of pasta
We produce such a fine flour of excellent quality

There is a generous Russian land and good to those who know their business and are not afraid of work! For a long time Siberian hulkers and millers were famous for flour of the highest quality. Gone are those days and instead of small mills powerful factories and factories have grown up. But, as before, throughout the whole of Russia the bakeries are rushing to buy the flour of the famous Siberian grinding!

The company "Omsk Macaroni Factory" supports the good traditions of flour production and proudly offers you its products. The flour of the highest, first and second grade "Dobrodeyа" is produced on its own mill complex.

Flour "Dobrodeyа" - always great pastries!

Assortment of flour
Here we produce such wheat bran

Bran is a product of flour milling, which is a hard shell of grain. Nutritional value for a long time was underestimated by cooks and bakers. But today bread with an admixture of bran is considered to be one of the most useful products on our table.

Omsk Macaroni factory sells bran and invites you to buy our products for your production needs. Wheat bran can be used as an admixture when baking bread, and also as a feed material.

Contact us to buy wheat bran in Omsk and other regions!

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The largest producer of pasta "Dobrodeya" in Western Siberia. "Dobrodeya" is more than 30 names of long and short pasta, as traditional and loved by all kinds, and original, exclusive.

The experience accumulated over decades allows to react quickly to changing market needs,   expand the range of products to meet the needs of customers.


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